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Family Services

We understand that bringing a child into the world can be as much an overwhelming time as it can be a time of joy. With assistance from public health nurses, social workers and parent coaches, VNA provides education and information – at home and in the classroom - to help support and prepare pregnant women and teens, and young families for parenting. Our mission is to help parents with infants and small children identify health and parenting goals and create a plan that empowers them to go on to raise healthy and happy families.

The Growing Great Kids™ curriculum is used during home visits with families. It is a highly interactive, strength-based approach to building nurturing parent-child relationships and promoting parenting skills that support the early learning and development of infants and young children.

Healthy Families America

In collaboration with OneWorld Community Health Centers VNA is launching a new program to serve Douglas County's most vulnerable young families. Healthy Families America (HFA) is a voluntary, no-cost service offered to pregnant women and women with infants. HFA home visitors are nurses and family support workers who see families until the child's third birthday to improve the health, social, behavioral, economic, and educational outcomes of at-risk families.

Childbirth Education Classes

If you are an expectant mother, childbirth education classes are offered at no charge to help you prepare for pregnancy and childbirth. In the class, you will learn about nutrition, exercise, use of medications during pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), coping techniques, physical and emotional changes and the warning signs of pre-term labor and pregnancy-induced hypertension. Classes are provided in both English and Spanish.  You are encouraged to sign up early due to high demand.

Physician Newborn/Postpartum Care

Having a new baby can be an overwhelming experience. This program offers newborn and postpartum care assessment at home for families with newborns and provides new moms and their families with the latest information on newborn care, parenting skills and breastfeeding techniques.

Lactation/Breastfeeding Services

The VNA Lactation/Breastfeeding program is the only breastfeeding education service in the community that allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home. Our certified lactation consultants support and educate,  new mothers, infants and family members, based on the latest research in breastfeeding.

Project WIN

Project WIN - Welcoming Infants into Neighborhoods - is a home visit program that focuses on providing health education and support to young families who are expecting or have a baby twelve months of age or younger. A public health nurse will help you identify your needs and access health care, education and social service resources. Project WIN is a free home visitation program for families in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie counties.

Love and Learn

Love and Learn is a free home visitation program designed especially for pregnant and parenting teens 21 years and younger living in Douglas and Sarpy counties. Public health nurses, social workers and parent coaches work together with young parents to meet identified goals related to health, parenting, school and employment considerations. Participants have the opportunity to attend monthly socialization events offered to increase the teen’s social support system.  In this collaboration with the Building Bright Futures Early Childhood Services families can also be referred to supportive services provided by other partner agencies.

Social Work

Social workers assist families with psychosocial needs and accessing housing, food and other material resources. Social workers emphasize developing skills for self-sufficiency and self-advocacy with health care providers and community agencies.  VNA parent coaches provide home-based education and support services focused on parenting and life skills to achieve personal goals.