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Hom Med Monitor

VNA HomMed allows our Home Health Care team to monitor patients on a daily basis in between scheduled visits. Each day, the monitor talks the patient through an assessment, which includes collection of the following data:

• Heart rate
• Blood pressure
• Weight
• Oxygen saturation
• Temperature

Additional devices may also be used to collect and transmit more in-depth data such as blood glucose levels via a glucometer.

The information is transmitted to VNA where it is promptly evaluated by our skilled nursing staff at a central station for any changes. In-home monitors provide our team the opportunity to detect potential health complications early on, which allows us to intervene and reduce the need for unexpected emergency room visits and re-hospitalization. The easy-to-use HomMed health monitor encourages patients to take a proactive role in the management of their own health, and reinforces positive behavior and lifestyle changes necessary for recovery and/or stabilization. It also gives concerned loved ones peace of mind that the patient is being closely monitored on a daily basis.

For More Information

For more information on any of the VNA Home Health Technology products, please call 402-342-5566.