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Inspired by the vision and ambition of one woman, Anna Millard, VNA of Omaha was created in 1896. Hospitals, caring citizens and special organizations soon after began to mobilize alongside Anna realizing the community’s health needs and concerns and the opportunity and difference VNA could make in ensuring the wellbeing of Omaha. In 1917, Visiting Nurse Association of Council Bluffs was formed. Health epidemics, world war, children with disabilities, administration of immunizations, recognition of the needs of seniors… with each passing decade, VNA became a critical resource in providing home care and health services to the communities it grew to serve. Today, VNA of Omaha and Council Bluffs continue to be recognized for being the trusted in-home care provider at the forefront of innovative skilled health services and compassionate caregiving. 120 years ago VNA was a voice for community health. Today, we are the Face of Care.